Dragon Tree in Oval Ceramic Pot

Dracaena fragrans 'Janet' is a particularly compact, slow growing Dragon Tree. The glossy, dark green foliage is produced on vertical stems to create a dense and bushy specimen plant. This stylish house plant is easy to grow, making a fine feature in a bright room. Dragon Trees are also able to tolerate more shaded positions with ease.

Each plant is presented in an oval white ceramic pot.

As final finishing touch, you can choose to add a personalised ribbon, printed along its length with your own dedication.

Overall Height: 60cm
Ceramic Pot: 20cm x 14cm x 15cm (height)

Care Instructions
Keep your Dragon Tree is a bright location, but away from direct sun. If given too much sun, leaves are at risk of being scorched. They really like humid conditions, so bright bathrooms and kitchens are an ideal location.

Watering: Dragon trees prefer to be under-watered rather than being over-watered. Let the top few centimetres of soil dry out – test with your finger – before watering again.

Heat: Keep your dragon tree at 18-32°C, ensuring the temperature doesn’t drop below 15°C in winter.

Feed: Feed your dragon tree ever 2 weeks in the summer using a plant fertiliser. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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