English Grown Gladioli

This architectural bouquet of English grown Gladioli is sure to impress and suitable for almost every occasion. Each bouquet contains 24 stems in a variety of bright colours.

Special Care Instructions
Each stem of Gladioli has a number of individual florets along its length. Each floret will open in turn, starting at the bottom of the stem. Removing any lower florets, as they fade, will encourage florets further up the stem to open.

Depending on the variety, the end of the bud, when closed, may have a rust-brown, or even black colouration. This is a natural characteristic especially in darker colour varieties. As the buds open the sepals will curl backwards and this bud colouration will not be visible.

Gladioli do not like cold water and the florets may not open fully if the vase water is too cold. Mix the enclosed flower food with luke-warm water and fill your vase as required.

Gladioli need a spotlessly clean vase, so please wash your vase thoroughly with detergent and rinse well with luke-warm water immediately before use.

Cut 2.5cm off the bottom of each stem at an angle of 45 degrees – ideally using a sharp knife. Immediately arrange the stems into your vase.

Gladioli can be quite thirsty, so please check the water level daily. Change the water and flower food mixture every two to three days, remembering to use luke-warm water. When you change the water mixture, trim a further 2.5cm off the bottom of the stems to re-open the stem for better water uptake. Make sure you display your gladioli away from any ripening fruit or vegetables because the gas, ethylene, emitted from fruits and vegetables will quicken the demise of your flowers.

Stem Length Ca. 70cm

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